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Our services are aimed at your well-being and that of your family. Provide responsible cleaning to the environment and well-being of your home, that is, using ecologically correct products, differentiated clothes by colors (avoiding cross-contamination) and the use of shoe covers in all types of cleaning. Thus preventing contamination of your home. Our commitment is to provide quality service and with an awareness of the environment. Responding clearly and quickly to customer requests and offering a wide range of complementary services to help owners, managers, and tenants maintain the beauty, security, and comfort of their home.

General House Cleaning

Rest a little. We can help you!
Taking care of your home, cleaning and helping to keep your home in complete harmony.
Dedicate your time, to your family, friends, work and leisure. We will take care of your home.
We offer services weekly, biweekly, monthly, or one time.


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Deep House Cleaning

Don't worry, we will organize your home!
Deep cleaning is recommended if you want a more thorough and heavy cleaning or if you have been without professional cleaning for some time.


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Move in / Move Out

Moving in or out? Book your cleaning service now!
Worried about returning your cleaning deposit? We can help you!

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AirbnB Cleaning

Looking for Airbnb Cleaning Services or Vacation Rentals? Contact the JJ Cleaning Service!

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All cleaning includes kitchen area, living room (a living room and a dining room). The value of each cleaning is estimated by the type of cleaning (General, deep, vacation or move in / move out), and the number of rooms, bathrooms, offices and floors. Note:
  • Half bathroom will be considered a full bathroom;
  • If the house has more than two rooms (a living room and a dining room) it will be considered with one more room;
Except for Move in / move out, no other cleaning includes the internal cleaning of the refrigerator and oven, which can be added to your cleaning as requested, for the price: $ 35.00-Refrigerator and $ 30.00-Oven.

Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services!